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Industry News
  • Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Construction Industry

    The construction industry is a pillar industry of the national economy. Since the reform and opening up, China's construction industry has developed rapidly, construction capacity has been continuously strengthened, the scale of the industry has been continuously expanded, and a large number of rural labor forces have been absorbed, and a large number of related industries have been promoted. Important contributions have been made to economic and social development, urban and rural construction and improvement of people's livelihood. But also to see that the construction industry is still large and not strong, the regulatory system is not perfect, the construction organization is backward, the level of architectural design to be improved, quality and safety accidents have occurred, the market more violations of law, the core competitiveness of enterprises Not strong, low skills and other skills of workers is more prominent.

  • What is the project cost consulting service?

    The project cost consulting service refers to the project cost consulting enterprise to accept the commission, the construction project construction cost determination and control to provide professional services, issued project cost results document activities.

  • How to do a good job of construction labor dispatch of labor management

    As a further deepening of the reform of the market economy system in this country, diversified enterprise labor conditions and labor relations have undergone tremendous changes, and some new labor relations such as part-time employment, construction labor dispatch, employment and so on have emerged. In recent years, with the enterprise employment system, the development of a wide range of units to form a variety of employment and labor relations state status, construction labor dispatch is one of the one. How to adapt to how to manage the nuclear suitable for construction services to avoid labor disputes, reform management system, and modern enterprise management system, the establishment of parallel development to maintain a stable labor relations, human resource managers need to solve the problem.

  • Real estate development enterprise qualification certificate change need to provide the material

    Real estate development qualification certificate required materials: Application form; "real estate development enterprises to apply for a change of registration form" (in triplicate); real estate development enterprise qualification certificate change declaration form.doc industrial and commercial business license is a copy of the original copy of the original copy)

  • 10 kinds of project management model summary, to see which you do not know!

    Engineering general contracting is an important model in international project management. In the international engineering market, the core of the general contracting types are the following 10 species.

  • Project Claim Management in Project Management

    Claim is in the process of performance of the contract, not for their own fault, but should be responsible for the situation caused by the actual loss caused by the other to the economic compensation and time compensation requirements. Engineering claims are two-way, including construction claims and owners claim two aspects, the general habit of the contractor to the owners of the construction claims referred to as "claims", the owners of the claim to the contractor as "counterclaim."