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How to do a good job of construction labor dispatch of labor management
Date:2017-10-10    Source:Lianda Project Management

  As a further deepening of the reform of the market economy system in this country, diversified enterprise labor conditions and labor relations have undergone tremendous changes, and some new labor relations such as part-time employment, construction labor dispatch, employment and so on have emerged. In recent years, with the enterprise employment system, the development of a wide range of units to form a variety of employment and labor relations state status, construction labor dispatch is one of the one. How to adapt to how to manage the nuclear suitable for construction services to avoid labor disputes, reform management system, and modern enterprise management system, the establishment of parallel development to maintain a stable labor relations, human resource managers need to solve the problem.

  Coordination and control of the sent personnel, labor relations, in the management should pay attention to deal with the following aspects of the relationship: pay attention to the legality of labor contracts and completeness; to strengthen the implementation of labor contracts, change, Innovation and all aspects of the strict management; enterprises in accordance with the law to establish and improve the corresponding laws and regulations, the end of the business can be passed; enterprises in accordance with labor laws and regulations and their own needs to develop human resources management regulations, and time and attendance system, labor security System, reward and punishment system, contract management, contract management, etc .; labor dispute cases involving very complex, and human resources management departments should make full use of external resources, learning from other people's experience, you can prevent the labor dispute to play a multiplier effect.

  Do not pay attention to strengthen the institutions and resolving labor disputes, contact local especially labor dispute arbitration committee, labor experts, the legitimacy and rationality of business rules and regulations, and certainly no important decisions, avoid labor dispute lawsuit after consultation.